Saturday, October 3, 2015

Starr Casas Book Testimonals

This is what folks are saying about Mama Starr's books. 
Here is a testimonial sent to me by Travis Sanders a very well know Psychic
Hey Star, I just wanted to give you a testimonial for your website about your books
"I have several of Starr's Titles, including Working the Root, The Candle Burning Book, Whispers from the Dead (Ancestors) and Blackhawk working with his Spirit. As an avid learner and practitioner of Rootwork I have studied many resources for information, and yet Starr's work is the most grounded, accessible, approachable, and effective! I truly believe my own conjure practice has matured and benefited me as a result of her teachings both in print, and via Old Style Conjure Radio (as well as good ole fashion trial and error) Thank you Starr!!!

Starr Casas is the only writer out there who writes about the Southern Culture of Conjure. She is hands down the best there is if you are looking for the real Southern down home conjure work. She may not be eloquent in her speech or writing skills but she is the best Author I have found out there with knowledge of the old ways. She is of the culture. She is no outsider trying to take what is not theirs to take. Paris Island, S.C.

I have every book Mama Starr has written. These books are treasures none of them are regurgitated information.  If you want true down to earth information that can help you with life’s problems then you need to invest in all of her books. Judy G. Livingston, Texas

Book Review Conjure Workbook
By The Shireling
In recent years there has been an upsurgence in Hoodoo, Rootwork and Conjure in America and many 'Folk Magic' festivals are held there where first hand tuition can be found at the hands of well-seasoned practitioners.
The number of books is also on the increase and now in the UK many people are producing their own Oils and Powders, Washes and Saints Oils, based on these traditions and their own understanding of them.
This book is a window on to one of those hidden traditions and is a real eye opener, and to be honest it's like looking over somebody's shoulder while they mix oils, and do their thing in the name of Conjure.
This book is written by a woman who has spent every day, every week and every year for decades, practicing her arte and she communicates it well.
Starr Casas is now a veteran practitioner of a style of magic loosely called Southern Conjure, a mix of prayer, herbs, oils and spirit contact which to the outsider appears as having a heavy Catholic influence as Saints are frequently petitioned at various times of the week and year, the Old religions blended with the new ?
However this book isn't about religion and isn't about Christianity as such, it's about the power of prayer and the ancient sources of power found in the Bible, in particular the Old Testament ,some born again pagans might hiccup about this advice is to try it !
The book is a VERY comprehensive view of Starr's personal practice and nowhere does she set herself up as 'all knowledge' or the last word on the subject, but she offers help in love, money, health and an awful lot more and it's done in a very down home style indeed, many times you can hear her whispering in your ear !!
This isn't an insipid guide to a wiccan form of fluffy meddling, this is an adult magic that requires courage but nothing too elaborate in the way of ritual, it will require commitment that shouldn't be lightly taken...but the rewards are great, the understanding gained will be much more than book knowledge can give you.
The very, very small down side is that Starr's publishers could have done a much better job of proof reading the book for her, there are a few typos and she deserves better...hopefully a reprint will see this ???
Buy the book, find the courage, make the time to read it, digest it and then get fired up to try something's a wonderful book and I'm sure it will be a classic in years to come.... I wish her well :-)
I've been reading your Conjure Workbook and I've really been enjoying it. I liked your chapter on Moses and have since been on the lookout for a nice stick. I think you have a very good writing style, which is impressive...because many can write, but only a few ever really develop an original voice in their work. That's something college can't teach. Take care Starr...
I have every one of Starr's books they are al packed full of information. Each one has something useful in it and they don't repeat the same information over and over as some occult books do. They are Hoodoo master pieces. LM S.C.
Hello Momma Starr!  I love your money conjure book! I am a graduate of Miss.Cats course and love learning Hoodoo the way it is ment to be learned! God bless you and keep up the work! M.
Old Style Conjure Spiritual Cleansing book is a must have for anyone that wants to learn how to do cleansing work. I love this book because Momma Starr is direct, caring, and straight to the point. She writes in such a way that it’s almost as if she’s sitting in front of you. Terrell NY
Thank you Momma Starr for being the special unique writer and conjurewoman that you are! I have been an avid reader of all your books within these last few years and I must say that they’re the best conjure rootwork literature “on the market.” I love your voice in your books because for every book I read I feel the spirit in them. Thank you so much for being who you are and allowing God to use you to touch others. You are truly one of a kind Momma Starr….
Momma Starr I am in love with your Hoodoo Money Conjure book. Ever since I purchased this powerful book my money situation has gotten better. Everyone who has ever owed me money has paid me in full which by the way is in the thousands because of the instructions I followed in your money book. Thank  you for writing this book. It is truly a Godsend…Glenda G.A.
I’ve always given my power away to others but with the Old Style Conjure book I took my power back and put my foot down. I love jar work but what I love most is having control of my life back in my hands through the powerful techniques, formulas, and prayers you teach in your books. Thank you Momma Starr for keeping it real. You’ve helped me shine in my own limelight…Miss Jackson S.C.
I learned so much about Black Hawk and White Eagle by reading your book. I had a serious court case pending at the time when I bought the Black Hawk book. I needed his help but I was afraid that Black Hawk would have turned a deaf ear on me. I did the justice work as you told it in the book and asked Black Hawk to strike down all those working unjustly against me. The court case was a complete victory and justice was served in more ways than I thought possible. I thank God and Father Black Hawk for their strong protection and I thank you Momma Starr for being my guiding light through your Black Hawk book. God Bless… Ester Creel
I had so many questions about the saints, mojo bags, and conjure packets until I bought the candle burning book. Now I know what to do. This is my best buy yet! I can’t wait to purchase all your other books including the new card deck. Thank you Momma Starr. The candle burning book rocks! MJ Tx
I am grateful to you Momma Starr because I have found my way back into church because of your book. Working with the Bible has helped me rediscover my roots. I’ve learned how to pray stronger results by using the work within its pages. Thank you for bringing me back to my roots and Biblical heritage. Sam SC
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